1. Professional Organizations

b. OVMA 

2. Poison Information

a. Pet Poison Helpline
b. Ontario Poison Center
c. ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center
d. Ontario SPCA Pet Poison Information
e. Poison Plants – A list of plants which are toxic to animals

3. Pet food information

a. Cat Owners Guide to Nutrition on the Internet
b. Dog Owners Guide to Nutrition on the Internet
c. Selecting the Best Food for your pet
d. Weeth Nutrition – Blog written by a Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionist
e. Pet nutrition information – written by veterinary nutrition specialists and experts

f. Transitioning Food for Cats – How to transition your cat to a new diet safely
g. Transitioning Food for Dogs – How to transition your dog to a new diet safely

4. Pet Insurance

a. OVMA Pet Insurance
b. Pet Secure
c. Trupanion
d. Pet Plus Us
e. 24 Pet Watch
f. CAA Pet Insurance

5. Pet Licencing

a. Pet Licencing Information for the City of Toronto

6. General information

a. Client Pet Information
b. Companion Animal Information
c. Client Education (Vet Approved!)

7. Pet loss information and support

a. Assessing the Quality of Life and Making Difficult Decisions for your Pet
b. Coping With The Loss of a Pet
c. Helping Children Cope with the Loss of a Pet
d. Do Companion Animals Grieve
e. Pet Loss Support Information
f. Chances Spot – Online Pet Loss Support Forum as well as Pet Loss Hotline Numbers,
Outreach Programs, and Grief Counseling
g. Ontario Pet Loss Support Group
h. Pet Memorial/Cremation/Funeral Services
i. If you are experiencing an immediate mental health challenge or are contemplating
suicide, please consult the Yellow Pages directory for the local crisis support line. Here
are some resources: Crisis Services Canada Call 1-833-456-4566 Text 45645 Visit