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  • Oct 16 2013

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    Fundraise for Farley

    Pets are important to the health and well being of their owners.  This is particularly true for the elderly or persons with disabilities as well as women at risk of…

  • Jun 25 2013

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        TICKS AND YOUR DOG 2013: The Year of the Tick? With the return of warm weather, many of you here in North Toronto will be spending a lot…

  • Dec 19 2012

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    Online shopping at Orchard Grove Animal Clinic’s new Web Store

    Orchard Grove Animal Clinic is pleased to announce our new online ordering service! Why shop online? 1. Convenience: Even though we know you enjoy visiting Orchard Grove Animal Clinic, your local north…

  • Oct 19 2012

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    Laser Therapy for Pain Control in Pets

    Laser Therapy for Pain Control in Pets By Alex Sunarich, BSc, DVM I am pleased to announce the addition of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), also known as ‘cold laser…